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ipoh/teluk intan, perak, Malaysia

About Ourselves 關于我們

yinteck and Suiyi are both working in the industry currently. During their free time they work as a freelancer. They both specialize in different field.

yinteck said that his drawing and designs are influenced by chinese painting known as 水墨画 and he always try to input asian style and culture into his design and drawing as much as he could.  His favorites artist is Inuoe Takehiko and he like military designs the most, semi futuristic though. Now he is working as a concept artist, 3d modeler, texturer and 3d animator in a production company.

Suiyi always says that she like to enjoy life. She likes to travel to different places to observe way of living of other culture. Painting is like oxygene she said. Suiyi always collaborate both abstract and design in to her product and artwork. Currently she is working as a project designer in an architectural construction company.